Professional Development

Integrate Drama into your classroom to enhance student engagement, creativity, and social-emotional learning.

Elevate your teaching practice with innovative techniques and expert guidance. Unlock the transformative power of Drama in literacy and key learning areas through interactive workshops and practical stage adaptation exercises.

Our two-hour workshops are priced at $50 + GST per teacher, with a maximum capacity of 30 teacher and a minimum charge of $500 per workshop.

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Courses for teachers
Unlock the transformative power of Drama in literacy and key learning areas in the classroom.
Drama as a Teaching Tool

Through an interactive workshop and practical exercises in adaptation for the stage, teachers will learn how to integrate Drama seamlessly into their teaching practice. Teachers will benefit from our extensive experience and methodology developed over years of professional learning and consultation with artists and education experts. Our course draws on the latest research and best practices to provide teachers with practical strategies for implementing Drama in the classroom.

Workshop duration: 2 hours

Puppetry in the Classroom

Explore the art of puppetry with our course specifically co-designed for teachers by Monkey Baa and puppetry expert Kailah Cabanas. Learn innovative techniques to incorporate puppetry into your classroom, enhancing student engagement and fostering creativity. Discover how puppetry can bring lessons to life, facilitate storytelling, and promote social-emotional learning. Join us to discover the potential of puppetry and elevate your teaching practice to new heights.

Workshop duration: 2 hours

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