Terms & Conditions

Application of terms and conditions

The purchase of tickets for events at ARA Darling Quarter Theatre or Monkey Baa Theatre Company, plus attendance at these events, are subject to the following terms and conditions, as well as any additional terms and conditions described at the time of purchase.

By acquiring a ticket for an event and/ or attending an event, you agree to our terms and conditions. If you purchase a ticket on behalf of someone else, you undertake to inform them of our terms and conditions.

These terms and conditions apply to tickets issued directly by us, as well as any issued by other authorised ticket sellers. The terms and conditions of these other authorised sellers may also apply to your purchase, but in the event of inconsistency, our terms and conditions will prevail.

These terms and conditions are guided by industry best practice, as outlined in the Live Performance Ticketing Code of Practice: Consumer Code.

Ticket prices, order limits and delivery mechanisms

Ticket prices are displayed in Australian dollars and include GST where applicable. A transaction fee may apply to your ticket purchase, and if this is the case, you will be notified prior to purchase.

We impose a maximum ticket limit of 10 tickets per transaction for our events. Unless otherwise specified, the limits apply to the complete event or overall season, and not just to specific performances. We may refuse or cancel orders that exceed the maximum ticket limit.  If you require a booking larger than 10 tickets, please contact our box office team on 02 8624 9340

Your tickets will be delivered via email upon purchasing your tickets, unless otherwise specified or otherwise selected by you during purchase.

Credit card purchases

If purchasing tickets by credit card, the name on the card must match the name of the ticket buyer.

Tickets for NSW Companion card holders

NSW Companion Card tickets are available for certain events. To purchase these tickets please contact our box office on 02 8624 9340

Valid identification of NSW Companion Cards must be provided during purchase and to our staff if requested. If not provided, we reserve the right to apply an additional charge up to the difference of a full standard ticket price, or to deny event admission.

Tickets for children

All children two years and over must have a valid ticket unless otherwise specified on your event’s webpage. Children under two years do not need a ticket unless otherwise specified on the event’s webpage, and need to remain in a parent/guardian/carer’s lap for the duration of the performance.

We encourage independent theatre going, children aged 12 and over can attend the theatre unaccompanied, but Monkey Baa/ARA Darling Quarter Theatre do not take responsibility for the safety of unaccompanied children aged 12 and over. A ticketed adult must accompany all children under 12 years.

Tickets for schools

School/OOSH bookings are confirmed by receipt of a payment of a 30% deposit invoice, which is then taken off the final balance invoice. Final numbers for school/OOSH booking are required 4-6 weeks from the date of the performance. Bookings made within 6 weeks of performance date require full payment upon booking.

Payment for school bookings must be received by the ‘payment due date’ listed on your deposit invoice or your booking will be automatically released.

A ticketed adult must accompany all students under 13 years.

Any teaching resources supplied in conjunction with a school’s attendance at an event cannot be reused without express written permission from the copyright owner.

School cancellations made up to 4 weeks prior to performance will forfeit the 30% deposit amount, and within 4 weeks require the full booking amount to be paid.

Ticket resale restrictions

You are strongly advised to only purchase tickets via official ARA Darling Quarter Theatre or Monkey Baa Theatre Company channels or the channels of other authorised ticket sellers. If you purchase from an unauthorised seller, you risk that your tickets may be fake or invalid.

Tickets may not be resold at a premium without our express written permission and that of the relevant performing company or event promoter. If you present resold tickets, we may request evidence of the resale price in order to enforce this restriction. This evidence may include:

  • A resale account receipt

  • A tax invoice

  • A bank statement

If you are found to hold fake or invalid tickets from an unauthorised seller, or resold tickets that breach resale pricing restrictions, you may be denied event admission.

We will not issue refunds for tickets purchased from unauthorised sellers or from resellers, and if you lose a ticket purchased from an unauthorised seller or a reseller, we will not replace it.

Tickets may not be used for advertising or promotional purposes without our express written permission and that of the relevant performing company or event promoter.

Lost tickets

It is your responsibility to keep your tickets safe. We will replace lost tickets at our discretion and fees may apply. To replace lost tickets we will require you to verify your identity with box office staff. We will not replace lost tickets purchased from an unauthorised seller or a reseller.

Event-related communication

By purchasing ARA Darling Quarter Theatre or Monkey Baa Theatre Company tickets, you agree to receive email communication containing important information about your event (e.g. reminders of dates, times, and event admission conditions). These emails will be limited in number and will only be sent in the days prior to and following your event.

Event admission conditions

If you do not meet the following conditions, we may refuse event admission:

  • You do not have a valid ticket

  • You do not have valid identification proving your NSW Companion Card status

  • We have not received payment for your ticket

  • You have in your possession and/or refuse to surrender a prohibited item

  • You interfere unreasonably with other customers’ enjoyment of the event

  • You refuse to comply with venue safety requirements, including remaining in your designated seat in the theatre, practicing good hygiene, and practicing social distancing where possible

  • You otherwise behave in a way that threatens property or the health and safety of others

  • You do not otherwise comply with our venue requirements as listed in Section ADDITIONAL VENUE CONDITIONS

  • You otherwise breach these terms and conditions, any additional terms and conditions described at the time of purchase, or fail to follow reasonable direction from venue staff

Latecomer admission is dependent on the lockout conditions imposed for each specific event – please refer to your event’s webpage for more information. Seating may be reallocated as a result of late entry.

Additional venue conditions

Personal health

If, at the time of your event, you or other members of your group are COVID-19 positive, feeling unwell with COVID-19 symptoms, awaiting COVID-19 test results, or have been otherwise advised to self-isolate by NSW Health, you agree not to attend the event

Personal possessions

Your person and personal possessions may be subject to a visual search to ensure the safety and security of events

Umbrellas, prams and other personal items that may block aisles, stairways and seat rows, or otherwise be considered hazardous to health and safety are not be permitted in the venue

  • Food and drink

  • Food and drink is not permitted in the theatre unless otherwise specified, excepting bottled water.

  • Photography and filming

  • Photography and filming conditions differ across events – please refer to your event’s webpage for more information

We reserve the right to request the deletion of unauthorised photographs or footage

Photographed or filmed events

We reserve the right to photograph, record or broadcast any event and you consent to us doing so. Any photograph or footage taken of you while attending an event may be be edited, reproduced and communicated by us to the public in any medium. If you do not wish to be photographed, please notify a member of staff, and we will take all practicable measures to do so. We are not obliged to provide any such photograph or footage to you.

We also use CCTV at our venue, and your image may be captured when you attend an event.

Event changes

While we always endeavour to keep ticketholders informed, event details may sometimes change with little or no notice. We endeavour to give you as much notice as possible for changes.

We reserve the right to vary ticket prices in response to varying levels of customer demand, and to alter venues, seating arrangements, audience capacity and performers if necessary. Such alterations do not affect the terms and conditions applying to tickets purchased before the alteration.

Donations of ticket costs

If an event is postponed, rescheduled or cancelled, we may offer you the chance to donate the cost of your tickets, in addition to other options. Without limiting any other provisions in these terms and conditions, the following provisions apply to donations of ticket costs:

  • Monkey Baa Theatre Company has Deductible Gift Recipient status. Donations made to Monkey Baa Theatre Company of $2.00 or more are tax deductible.

  • A refund may be available if you make an error in your donation, and any refunds will be made to the original form of payment.

Gift vouchers

We offer gift vouchers for all Monkey Baa-ticketed events at ARA Darling Quarter Theatre. Without limiting any other provisions in these terms and conditions, the following provisions apply to the purchase of gift vouchers:

Voucher prices and delivery mechanisms

  • Gift voucher prices are displayed in Australian dollars and include GST where applicable

  • A transaction fee may apply to your gift voucher purchase, and if this is the case, you will be notified prior to purchase

Voucher redemption conditions

  • Gift vouchers can only be redeemed for Monkey Baa-ticketed events and cannot be redeemed for events ticketed by external organisations or Monkey Baa productions presented at other venues

  • Gift vouchers cannot be redeemed for food, drinks, parking or merchandise

  • All tickets purchased with a gift voucher are subject to our ticketing-related terms and conditions

  • Multiple gift vouchers may be used as payment for a single transaction

  • If the cost of the ticket purchase exceeds the value of the gift voucher, the remaining balance must be paid by credit card

  • If the purchase price of a ticket is less than the value of a gift voucher, a new voucher will be issued for the remaining balance and may be redeemed in the future, in accordance with these terms and conditions

  • The full value of any unused credit remaining on a gift voucher must be redeemed before other payment methods will be accepted for the outstanding balance of a transaction

  • Gift vouchers cannot be used to purchase further gift vouchers

Voucher validity period

  • Gift vouchers are valid for 36 months from the date of issue

  • A gift voucher must be redeemed before its expiry date, and any unused value will be forfeited when the expiry date is reached

Lost vouchers

  • If you lose your gift voucher, please contact our Box Office and provide the full name and details of the purchaser

  • Your voucher will be reissued once the purchaser has been contacted and all necessary details verified

Voucher refunds and exchanges

  • Gift vouchers are non-refundable

  • Gift vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash

Event cancellations

If your event booked with a gift voucher is cancelled, you will be contacted and offered the chance to either re-book or receive credit for a future booking

Our liability

Our liability to you in relation to tickets and event attendance is limited to the obligations specified in these terms and conditions and in applicable laws.

You enter our event venues at your own risk and accept sole responsibility for all your personal possessions.

To the maximum extent permitted by law, we will not be liable for any loss, damage or injury to the extent arising from your negligent acts or omissions, any pre-existing medical conditions, your breach of these terms and conditions, or your reliance on reviews and opinions about our events.

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