As resident company at the custom-designed, fully accessible ARA Darling Quarter Theatre, we curate an annual season of theatre for young people in school holidays and term time, presenting Monkey Baa plays and work from other Australian and international companies.

We make great theatre. Theatre provokes empathy, imagination, respect and understanding, allowing us all to see the world from different perspectives. Young audiences, as equal citizens, deserve the same dexterity, depth and rigour in theatre creation and presentation that adult audiences demand.

We tell stories that embrace social and cultural connectivity, celebrate Australia’s rich cultural heritage, challenge and inspire. Accessibility to a theatrical experience is deeply important to us. We believe that rural and regional young audiences should have the same opportunities as their city cousins to engage with excellent theatre, so we continue to tour from the bush to the coast and across the seas.

Our passion and curiosity lies in the process of theatre making, be it new writing, adaptation, or reinterpretation. This passion sees us collaborating with exceptional artists, sharing and extending our practice, challenging and inspiring each other as we explore new theatrical languages. An integral part of our exciting process is our collaboration with young people, from a work’s inception right through to the opening performance; their voices reflected in the work we create for them.

Through our arts education programs we are committed to building confident, thriving communities, empowering young people to self-expression, self -awareness and self -determination.

At Monkey Baa’s home, the ARA Darling Quarter Theatre, we celebrate artists and other companies’ works, curating and presenting dynamic and diverse seasons specifically designed for young people. This programming of excellence is a responsibility that we take very seriously.

We are committed to creating opportunities for young people, artists, and to continuing our role as a leader in the industry, advocating loudly and proudly for the ‘theatre for young people’ sector.

Monkey Baa was formed 23 years ago by Sandra Eldridge, Eva Di Cesare and Tim McGarry. In 2017, Tim departed the company for new horizons and Sandie and Eva continue their collaboration to deliver the company’s exciting artistic vision, alongside our incredible staff and production team.

Monkey Baa is Australia’s widest reaching touring company for young people, having conducted over 27 national tours to 135 regional and remote communities across every state and territory of Australia, four international tours and over 2,500 performances, engaging with over 1.3 million young people.

Our Vision
To make theatre an intrinsic part of young people’s lives.

Our Mission
To exhilarate young minds, hearts and imaginations by creating and sharing exceptional Australian theatre nationally and internationally.

Find out how you can help us to create wonderful theatre and inspire young minds here or contact our Development team here.


2019   Glug Award Josephine Wants to Dance 
2019   Sydney Theatre Award Josephine Wants to Dance
2018   Glug Award Diary of a Wombat
2017   Sydney Theatre Awards – Special Award for 20 Years of Excellence and Extraordinary Service to the Children and Young People of Australia
2017   Drover Award – The Peasant Prince Tour of the Year
2016   Sydney Theatre Awards – The Peasant Prince 
2016   Glug Award – The Peasant Prince
2015   Drover Award – APACA Touring Legend
2015   Glug Award – The Unknown Soldier
2014   Glug Award – Pete the Sheep
2011   Glug Award – Hitler’s Daughter
2010   Helpmann Award – Thursday’s Child
2010   Glug Award – FOX 
2007   Helpmann Award – Hitler’s Daughter 
2007   Drover Award – Touring Excellence
2006  Drover Award – Audience Development