No merch. No screens.
Just powerful, live experiences.
Welcome to Monkey Baa!

A not-for-profit charity, we transform young peoples’ lives through our education programs and professional theatrical performances. For 23 years, we’ve made it our mission to take the power of theatre to the young people who need it most: those living in regional and remote Australia and in disadvantaged, urban communities.

The world around us has changed,
Monkey Baa at its core has not changed.

We still believe that all young people, no matter where they live, deserve to experience live theatre with the same depth and rigour that adult audiences expect.  Soon, as we come out the other side of this crisis, children will need the social and emotional benefits theatre offers more than ever.

Right now, young people are being offered a surfeit of online content: Zoom meetings with classmates, behind-the-scenes videos and living room performances: but with each rolling minute of screen time we are reminded that, more than ever, there’s nothing like a live experience. When a child goes to the theatre it gives them a place to gather together with their peers, and a space to extend imaginations, explore the full-spectrum of emotions and process the world. A recent study suggests that seeing live theatre “enriches their social and emotional growth, supports school engagement, and develops their ability to imagine the future”. It creates opportunities to experience the highs, the lows, the pain and the beauty of the world; a shared experience connecting us all to each other and our humanity.

A proudly not-for-profit company, we always place children at the centre of everything we do and respect the intelligence of our young audiences. During our hibernation, we are continuing to create work for young people in collaboration with some of Australia’s leading artists because we want to be able to bring you and the young people in your life award-winning theatre as soon as possible. Box office and philanthropic support have always constituted 90% of our operational and creative development funding.


This EOFY please consider a donation to help support our national Teaching Artist Workshop program to navigate the twists and turns of the changing Covid-19 landscape. From Colac, to Traralgon, to Kwinana, to Mackay, and hundreds of other towns and cities in between, over the past 7 years a Monkey Baa Teaching Artist has visited every state and territory to deliver pre-show drama workshops… that’s over 1000 workshops to more than 26,000 children! And, in the process, we have employed dozens of artists to represent us in the classrooms across Australia.

Your donation will fund more state-based Teaching Artists, as we implement a Covid-safe adaptation to the program putting more regional artists into more classrooms! Donations can be made here.


As a Not For Profit, Monkey Baa relies on the wonderful support of the community and our philanthropic partners. Just 10% of our operational and creative development funding comes from government support.

By supporting Monkey Baa, you are helping to inspire and delight young people for years to come; inviting them to question and challenge their values, expectations and understanding of the world, and their place within it. Thank you.

Donations to Monkey Baa Theatre Company are tax-deductible and every donation makes a difference.

Monkey Baa is endorsed as a deductible gift recipient (DGR) under Subdivision 30-BA of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997. The company is also a charitable institution endorsed for charity tax concessions by the Australian Taxation Office. Donations of $2 or more are fully tax-deductible. A receipt will be issued for all contributions.