For 24 years, we’ve made it our mission to take the power of theatre to the young people who need it most: those living in regional and remote Australia and in disadvantaged, urban communities.

2021 Holiday Season Giving

Enter, stage right – the joy and energy of inspirational theatre for young people by Monkey Baa!

In 2022, young people will need the social and emotional benefits that theatre offers – indeed the need for the arts, and the power it has to connect us, has never been greater.

When a young person goes to the theatre it gives them a place to gather with their friends and community, a place to spark their imaginations, and a place to explore and understand their worlds.

A recent study suggests that seeing live theatre “enriches their social and emotional growth, supports school engagement, and develops their ability to imagine the future”. It creates opportunities to experience the highs, the lows, the pain and the beauty of the world; a shared experience connecting us all to each other and who we are.

Whilst the stage was dark and the seats were empty, we were busy creating work for young people in collaboration with some of Australia’s leading artists. We can’t wait to bring you and the young people in your life the joy of creativity and award-winning theatre again soon.

This holiday season, join us as we prepare to bring back the joy of live theatre. Your donation will help us empower young people to shape and navigate their lives through inspirational theatre and creative experiences.


As a Not For Profit, Monkey Baa relies on the wonderful support of the community and our philanthropic partners. Thank you.

Donations to Monkey Baa Theatre Company are tax-deductible and every donation makes a difference.

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