I Am Jack – 2007-2015

Jack is smart, funny and is being bullied. What starts as an off the cuff joke during a handball competition, soon turns into a set of circumstances whereby Jack is no longer safe in the playground. But with the use of self-expression through photography, Jack begins to make sense of his world; of his relationships with others, and most importantly, with himself.

This one-man show explores the often overlooked insidious taunting and teasing that bullies are so adept at inflicting on their victims and the roles that family and schools can play in responding. Jack takes us on a touching and sometimes comical journey as he moves from victim to victor.

A stimulating and valuable piece of theatre…. given the importance of the subject and the care with which it has been handled I am Jack hopefully will make a return visit.
Newcastle Herald

Tim McGarry is engaging and lovable as 11-year-old Jack. His deftly timing, physicality and range of elastic, comical voices deliver a big-hearted performance that, with credit due also to the writers and director, captures the vulnerability and pathos without resorting to sentimentality.
Lowdown Magazine

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