Goodbye Jamie Boyd – 2012

Anna has schizophrenia. She experiences delusions of her dead older brother’s presence. Jamie is Anna’s companion, confidant and mentor, but when he becomes possessive and jealous of her real life relationships, coercing Anna to self-harm and to hurt those she holds dear, she realises she must seek help.

Goodbye Jamie Boyd is a powerful one-woman show that tackles confronting issues of mental illness and its ripple effects, a topic that is too often brushed under the carpet.

Thank you to our supporters Mantana Foundation, Pratt Foundation, SBW Foundation and Sydney University Performance Studies Unit.

accessible, poignant and never clumsy in its instruction…. a frank, thorough piece of theatre.

serves as a potent illustration of the effects and repercussions of schizophrenia on sufferers, their families and friends.
Eight Nights a Week

A Teacher Resource was created to support this production and has been archived.
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