The Duck and the Darklings

In Development

The Duck and the Darklings

The Duck and the Darklings, a new immersive experience for children adapted by writer Lachlan Philpott directed by Eva Di Cesare, is a story about finding hope in a world that has forgotten how to live in the light.

Staged in a warehouse space audiences will be entangled in the vivid world that is the Land of the Dark from the first moment to the last. Fusing puppetry, storytelling and an experiential adventure, this adaptation will be co-created with young people.

The Darklings invites audiences to step into the Land of the Dark, where children have the power to change a ruined world. It is a story of love, letting go and, ultimately, hope. With your support, we can bring this poetic, immersive experience to life.
Based on the children’s book ‘The Duck and the Darklings’ by Glenda Millard and Stephen Michael King.
  • Dates In development
  • Ages Ages 7+


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