We are deeply grateful to all those who have contributed to Monkey Baa. 

Thank you for joining us in empowering young people to shape and navigate their lives through inspirational theatre and creative experiences. 

Research shows that participation in theatre not only improves a child’s learning performance but develops creativity, self-expression, emotional intelligence, and collaboration. The earlier our young people are exposed to the magical world of theatre, the more likely they are to develop creative skills.  

We gratefully acknowledge the following organisations and individuals who also make our work possible. 


Principle Partner


$50,000 +

Mrs Sally White OAM
Neilson Foundation
Jibb Foundation, Libby Fairfax
Blake Beckett Trust, Wendy Beckett

$10,000 – $50,000
Kirby Foundation
Edward Federman
Ruth Armytage AM
Emma White
Future Generation Investment Trust
Mundango Charitable Trust

$5,000 – 10,000
Mylie Hagan
Gandel Foundation
Darin Cooper Foundation, Jennifer Darin

$2,500 – $5,000
Robertson Foundation, Lenore Robertson
Mary Hare
Knowledge Media Pty Ltd, Richard Milroy

$1,000 – $2,500
Libbie Doherty
Dr Sue-Anne Wallace AM
Sandra & Robert Russo
Michael Mitchell
Meredith Fannelli
Sandra Eldridge
Kerry Comerford
Wendy Brooks

$100 – $1,000

Kate Adams, Elizabeth Allen, Susan Ambler, Lucinda Armour, Lindy Batchelor, Juliette Bates, Ian Batterham, Kylie Blundell, Michelle Bockman, Jenny Burchfield, Stella Chen, Genevieve Clay-Smith, Rebecca Collins, Sheryl Cootes, Dijana Curic, Kevin du Preez, Josephine Exton, Alan Fekete, Peter & Janet Fitzpatrick, Catherine Gallagher, Susanne Gervay, Jane Gordon, Adrian Gregory, Edwina Guinness, Samantha Guthleben, Nicola Guy, Nina Heinecke, Jacqueline Hornjik, Alan Johnson, Samuel Johnson, Anastasia Kennett, Stephanie Kerr, Mitra Khakbaz, Joanne Khamis, Lorna Lesley, Karen Loblay, Dr Carolyn Lowry OAM & Peter Lowry, Susan Lowy, Adrian Macleod, Barbara Madden, Carol Martin, Amy Matthews, Suz Mawer, Nicole Mccloughan, Tim Mcgarry, Sean Mcloughlin, Meg Miller, Pamela Morrison, Johanna Mulholland, Amy Munro, Janell Norton, Sean O’Brien, Justine O’Neill, Peter Owens, Bali Padda, Janet Phillips, Mark Piddington, Janelle Prescott, Sue Procter, Cam Ralph, Jane Recny, Natalie Reichel, Tallis Richmond, Camilla Rountree, Helen Salmon, Ann & Quinn Sloan, Jill Standfield, Binny Talib, Richard Tulloch, Jacinta Tynan, Luke Woolley 


government partners





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