The Unknown Soldier

The Unknown Soldier

Charlie’s dad has returned from Afghanistan scarred by his experience of war. To give his parents ‘a break’, Charlie is sent to stay with his Aunt Angela. Aunt and nephew clash: he thinks she’s a hoarder and a hippie, she thinks her nephew plays too many video games. But a hidden treasure amidst Angela’s junk takes these two unlikely allies on a life-changing journey.

This is a very special Australian story: uplifting, full of hope, and deeply relevant to contemporary Australian audiences, The Unknown Soldier explores how we carry our family’s stories from our past into our present. Moving seamlessly between Australia in 2014 and Fromelles on The Western Front in 1916, this is a beautiful new play from Sandra Eldridge – Monkey Creative Director, and master storyteller for young people.

The June 2016 season of The Unknown Soldier was a special event sponsored by RSL Clubs so that students and teachers could attend for free. The Unknown Soldier was funded under the Commonwealth Government’s Saluting Their Service Commemorative Grants Program.
A Monkey Baa Theatre Company production
Written by Sandra Eldridge
  • Dates 2015
  • Duration 70 minutes


Thank you to our generous supporters: RSL Sub-Branches, Learning & Development Solutions.
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