Help Us Ensure Mothball’s Story Continues to Inspire and Delight!

As a Not for Profit, its really because of you that Monkey Baa is able to share our stories with young people everywhere.

Stories like Diary of a Wombat, which has been such an incredible success that we are now presented with an urgent new challenge.

Diary of a Wombat has been selected to present at the prestigious 40th Anniversary Showcase at the International Performing Arts for Youth (IPAY) in Philadelphia in January 2018.

It was the only Australian work selected to showcase a full production, on stage in front of 500 people! Most of the key US and international venue and festival delegates will be there. The problem is, it will cost approx. $53,064 for Mothball to take her 8-human cast and crew plus the set, costumes, props and cello to Philadelphia. That’s a lot of carrots!

IPAY is the gateway to the world. Its where the best of the best present. Success there means new international stages and tours for Mothball. We know this as we were selected to showcase our Helpmann awarded production of Hitler’s Daughter at IPAY in 2010.

Back then, people like you came together and raised around $30,000 to help get the show there. Hitler’s Daughter subsequently earned the opportunity to tour across the USA. The production is still going, in 2019 the show will return and conduct a 25-venue tour of Australia.

It’s very important for young people everywhere that the story doesn’t end for Diary of a Wombat. Once they experience Mothball’s show, we know they will fall in love with her.

Mothball connects with young people.

And young people are at the heart of everything we do.

The beautiful, sophisticated and critically  acclaimed production, with almost no dialogue, inspires and delights young people and their families. All thanks to one very naughty wombat.

With your support, Mothball’s story will continue. That means, thanks to you, Mothball’s story will continue to brighten the lives of young people all around the world.

If you love Australian theatre, this will make a difference to Monkey Baa too.

Success internationally helps us to continue to make great theatre for Australian audiences.

That means more wonderful Australian stories, for you, our Monkey Baa family.

Please support Monkey Baa today so Mothball can continue to strut her stuff, defy all the rules, train humans and most importantly, keep eating carrots!

Warm regards,
Eva, Sandie and Mothball

P.S. Our goal is to raise $53,064 urgently, so we can send Mothball to Philadelphia. We know it will make a difference for young people if you can keep the story alive. We promise to let you know how much mischief Mothball gets up to!

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