Tough Beauty – 2014

Tough Beauty

There’s the girl who’s new. There’s the quiet girl. There’s the girl with no boyfriend. And the one with too many. There’s the girl who looks different, the girl who’s asking for it. And there’s the girl who’s just… just looking at me wrong. She doesn’t even know she is – but she is.

And then there’s me. The girl who’s scared of nothing. The girl they say rumours about. Like the time she put Stef Chamber’s head through the screen door, or the time she got caught carrying a knife, or the time a massive year 12 hit her in the mouth, and the blood ran between her teeth, and she just smiled. She smiled like it was just someone saying hello.

Then she said hello back.

Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre project created by director Claudia Chidiac and writer Finegan Kruckemeyer in consultation with young people, Tough Beauty is a response to the escalating statistics of young female violence. It’s a play borne from YouTube fight clips and schoolyard insults. It’s about keeping your eyes down and your fists up. Half a minute of violence which will decide your next five years of high school.