Sticks Stones Broken Bones – 2016

Flying chickens, brain transplants and sneaky ninjas! Come play in the dark these school holidays!

Using bits of household rubbish and household items, Bunk Puppets create surreal shadow puppets in front of your eyes.  In each scene, the audience watches the action unfold in front of the screen, to see the magical transformations. It’s like watching a live cartoon.

From Singapore, through Spain and across Japan, China and Hong Kong, Sticks Stones Broken Bones has enthralled audiences of all ages with its enchanting re-imagining of the ancient craft of shadow puppetry. Let Bunk Puppets serve up a visual feast for the imagination these school holidays!

The expressions of joy on the puppeteer’s face throughout make him look like an excited child who is also seeing the show for the first time.  For, while the shadows made are impressive and great fun, it is their unassuming creator, a man or very little words but very comprehensive sound effects, who will make you feel warm inside. Stage UK


As he carefully brings the pieces together, it is impossible to be certain what you are about to see until it is finished and projected onto a large screen, where the intricacy of his creation is amazing! Edinburgh Evening News