Red Racing Hood – 2018

Red Racing Hood

Monkey Baa Theatre Company presents Red Racing Hood, a Terrapin Puppet Theatre production

Welcome to the town of Grinalong!

Grinalong was once famous for the car race, The Grinalong Classic. Fifty years ago the race stopped. A wolf that lived in nearby Tangled Woods destroyed racing cars and the drivers fled in terror. But now, the new Mayor has a plan to bring back Grinalong’s glory days, and to re-launch the race. However, it soon becomes obvious that he is more interested in furthering his own ambitions and lining his pockets than helping the town… and he doesn’t mind hurting Red and Gran in the process.

Red and Gran fight for survival, relying on their wit, determination and cunning to overcome the Mayor and win The Classic. Environmental and civic responsibility, the survival of small towns and the strength of women, young and old, are all themes that are explored via the medium of slot car racing!


2016 Tasmanian Theatre Awards for Best Design and Best Supporting Performance (Female).

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13 Oct 2018 12:30 pm