Random Musical – 2016

Random Musical is totally spontaneous, totally improvised and totally random.

Audience members write down their name and favourite word, a title for a brand new musical is conjured up and we are away.

The random words inspire every twist and turn of the show, propelling the characters into uncharted spontaneous storytelling and song. The audience may just find themselves playing characters, creatures, sound effects or objects.

It’s a different show every performance. Anything is possible – from fairytales to mythical beasts, from spies to rock’em & sock’em action, the show is limited only by your imagination!

Past audiences have created wonderfully random musicals including The Ballerina & The Farty Bum Magician, The Duke and The Miraculous Disco, a fable about a determined gingerbread servant girl who just wants to dance!

Utterly charming: a lo-fi delight that had us both laughing our way through the hour-long show. Jo Litson (Sydney Opera House Season)

This is improvisation at its best.
Herald Sun

From beginning to end, the Random Musical didn’t disappoint on any note. Every child and adult left the show with big smiles on their faces. Meld Magazine