2019 – In Between Two

for secondary students

monkey baa proudly presents
a contemporary asian australian performance production

Two trailblazing stars of the Australian music scene take to the stage to explore what it means to grow up Asian in Australia. An autobiographical ‘slide night like no other’ based on the fascinating family histories of hip hop artists Joel Ma (Joelistics) and James Mangohig, both the first sons of mixed race marriages with Asian fathers. In this unique show they share the soundtrack of their mixed heritage – the Asian Australian stories that have shaped their musical careers and themselves growing up in Australia.

From a nightclub-owning Grandma in an open marriage to globetrotting parents with a political streak, the pair lovingly paint a canvas filled with failed proposals and religious strictures, casual racism and empowerment through music.

Like an hour with good friends—who just happen to have impeccable taste in tunes— this is a show that keeps to the beat of the human heart. Consummate storytellers and charismatic performers, this is a joyful and captivating show to celebrate our diversity and start conversations.

“…nothing is more satisfying than stories about people who defied cultural and social conventions to follow their hearts.” ☆☆☆☆ TIME OUT

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