Emily Eyefinger – 2013

Emily Eyefinger is the story of a gifted young girl. Born with an extraordinary gift – an eye at the end of her finger, she struggles with being different but also discovers that with her third eye she can solve mysteries, see round corners, rescue friends, and catch dangerous criminals. In fact it’s very handy and an adventure looms at every corner.

This is 55 minutes of pure enjoyment, silly antics and good old-fashioned fun for the whole family as Emily, with her best friend Malcolm, Great Aunt Olympia and other chums, embarks on their biggest journey yet, solving the mystery of the Tomb of Tutenkamouse!

Supporters: Charles Sturt University, City of Sydney, University of Sydney, James M Kirby Foundation, Seymour Centre, Arts on Tour.

A Teacher Resource was created to support this production and has been archived.
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