halloween activity

Everyone is harboring a spooky story
and we want to hear them!

Sandie, our co-Creative Director, is currently writing a brand-new play called Terror Bites, inspired by some spooky stories shared with her by young people. We were amazed by their tales and enthusiasm for telling them, and we thought it would be fun to develop a fitting fun, spooky Halloween experience for this strange year.

With Trick or Treating on a COVID hiatus, we are creating an online
Halloween Spooky Story Night screening planned for Saturday, October 31.

We want you to send us a short video of you telling your spookiest spine-chilling story… one you’d tell around the campfire or at midnight feast with friends.

We’ve teamed up with our craftiest friend, the inspirational Susie from Handy with Scissors who’s developed an incredible, creepy monster mask activity to get you started! All the details are provided below, and there’s a little demo intro from 10-year-old Gus.

Entries need to be sent to us by Friday, October 29 and we’ll be in touch with details of the screening.

If you need any further information please contact us at spooky@monkeybaa.com.au.


1.      DEVELOP a story idea
You can do this or in small groups. If an idea doesn’t come up, use our SANDIE’S SPOOKY STORY INSPIRATION HERE to develop a story. If you know a funny joke, record it instead!

2.     CREATE a spooky mask or costume.
It can be as simple as the COVID-safe surgical mask that Gus used in his video or as elaborate as the imagination and materials allow like Handy with Scissors! Making a mask isn’t mandatory but is a great way to get in character and protect identities! Alternatively, you could dress up in costume.

3.    SELECT a filming location
A quiet, dark spot maybe?

4.    RECORD your story
Use a tablet, camera, or phone to record the story (ideally, stories should be no longer than 3 minutes)

5.     SEND us your videos
Please complete the PERMISSION TO PUBLISH FORM HERE and email the videos to us at spooky@monkeybaa.com.au