Josephine Wants to Dance

17 October - 01 July


Coming in 2018, Josephine Wants to Dance is a brand new Australian musical based on the hugely popular picture book by Jackie French and Bruce Whatley.

Under the expert direction of Jonathan Biggins, Composer Phil Scott and the team that brought Pete the Sheep to the stage, this delightful new work is for young audiences aged 4 to 9 years.

This uplifting, humorous tale of a kangaroo’s dream to dance is a celebration of passion, tenacity and individuality.

“I value working with Monkey Baa because of their integrity, their determination to adapt classic Australian children's books for Australian kids, their families and the world. Theirs is a unique and uncompromising vision and their success is a testament to the deep personal commitment Eva, Tim and Sandie have maintained for...


Terror Bites

18 October - 30 September


Two people sitting in a car hear a tap, tap, tap on their roof ... You're at a sleepover and someone dares you to say 'Bloody Mary' three times into the mirror ... Is that your dog under your bed ... or something else?

Coming in 2018, Terror Bites will be a chilling new theatre experience, inspired by the urban myths and spooky schoolyard stories that have haunted generations of children.

This three-part project will see Monkey Baa Creative Artists engage with primary students around the country, mining the dark imaginings of young people for spine-chilling inspiration to create a series of bite-sized works of horror.

In 2017, we will create storytelling workshops for our Clever Young Monkeys and schools around Australia. Covering themes of horror, fear and - most importantly...