2019 – In Between Two

Monkey Baa Education Season 2019 In Between Two

04 April - 05 April


for secondary students

monkey baa proudly presents

a contemporary asian australian performance production

Two trailblazing stars of the Australian music scene take to the stage to explore what it means to grow up Asian in Australia. An autobiographical ‘slide night like no other’ based on the fascinating family histories of hip hop artists Joel Ma (Joelistics) and James Mangohig, both the first sons of mixed race marriages with Asian fathers. In this unique show they share the soundtrack of their mixed heritage - the Asian Australian stories that have shaped their musical careers and themselves growing up in Australia.

From a nightclub-owning Grandma in an open marriage to globetrotting parents with a political streak, the pair lovingly paint a...


2019 – Possum Magic

02 July - 05 July


for primary students

a monkey baa theatre company production

For over 30 years Mem Fox’s Possum Magic has captivated and enchanted young people all over Australia. Joined by an extraordinary creative team Monkey Baa is thrilled to be presenting a brand-new stage adaptation of this magical Australian classic.

Grandma Poss loves making magic. She makes wombats blue and kookaburras pink. She makes dingoes smile and emus shrink. But one day, when danger arrives in the form of a snake, Grandma uses her most magical spell to make Hush invisible. Hush has many wonderful adventures. But being invisible isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, and Hush longs to see herself again. One problem. Grandma Poss can’t find...


2019 – The Twits

23 July - 24 July


for primary students

a spare parts puppet theatre production

Join us for this new adaption of The Twits, it is Roald Dahl in his purest form – unsentimental, grotesque and a lot of fun. A comedy of rebellion and justice that is a super high energy combination of storytelling, puppetry and physical theatre!

Mr and Mrs Twit, the most horrible people ever to live on the stage of the earth! Being the delightful humans they are, Mr and Mrs Twit spend their days playing dirty tricks on each other. Mrs Twit puts worms in Mr Twit‘s spaghetti – yuck! Mr Twit convinces Mrs Twit that she has the dreaded shrinks – how mean!

Meanwhile, Muggle-Wump, a poor little monkey...


2019 – Hitler’s Daughter

hitlers daughter monkey baa theatre company production still

02 September - 05 September


for primary & secondary students

This award-winning show tells the story of Hitler’s Daughter through the eyes of four Australian children Mark, Ben, Anna and Tracey. As the friends wait for the school bus on a rainy morning in the Australian countryside, they take it in turns to tell stories.

On this particular morning, Anna tells a story about a young girl, Heidi, whose father was one of the most notorious men of the twentieth century. As the story jumps between Germany in the 1940s and the Australian bush in the present day, each of the characters is confronted with issues of morality, personal responsibility

and humanity.

Could Heidi have stopped the atrocities of genocide, war and hate her father...