Oddysea (Education Season)

03 May - 05 May


Students with special needs are invited to join Crab and Turtle for a fun-filled immersive journey into an undersea world. Join us for this sensory theatre experience that students will connect with, learn from and most of all enjoy!

Oddysea is set in an amazing ocean installation, with plenty for your students to see, hear, touch, smell and taste as they watch the story unfold around them. Starting on the seashore, Oddysea follows the adventures of Crab and Turtle as they dive deep beneath the sea, meeting a cast of colourful characters in this story of fun and friendship.

Hailing from Western Australia, Sensorium Theatre is at the forefront of inclusive performance in Australia, providing all children access to enriching artistic experiences. This event is open to primary school...


Diary of a Wombat (Education Season)

23 May - 26 May


Please note that all education season performances of Diary of a Wombat are now full.

Monkey Baa Creative Directorate Eva Di Cesare, Sandra Eldridge and Tim McGarry have crafted one of Australia’s best loved stories onto the stage; and we cannot wait for Mothball the wombat to lumber into our theatre and demand more carrots!

Consistently listed as one of the top 10 Australian children’s books, Diary of a Wombat, based on the book by Jackie French and Bruce Whatley, is an exquisite theatre work for young people. Featuring puppetry, a live 'cello score and a brilliant set design, this is a landmark Australian production in Monkey Baa’s signature style, which is so beloved by young audiences.


Neighbourhood Watch (Education Season)

19 July - 24 July


An unlikely bond is formed as Ana, a Hungarian widow, befriends her estranged neighbour Catherine, a young aspiring actress. As the two share their stories, wisdom and wounds, they immerse themselves in the world of war-torn Hungary in search of a better understanding of what it means to truly be “in the life”.

Nominated for the 2011 Helpmann Award for Best Play, Neighbourhood Watch is a celebration of the humour, strength and friendship that can rise out of tragedy. The charming tale of an odd couple who prove that it is never too late to bridge the divide between age, culture, and the suburban fence.

We love this play here at Monkey Baa, and we are excited to be bringing this production by Illuminate Educate to our theatre.


Where the Streets Had a Name (Education Season)

04 September - 05 September


Hayaat is on a mission. She will even skip school to achieve it (encouraged by her best friend Samy). She is determined to retrieve a handful of soil from her Grandmother’s farm as this will make her beloved Sitti Zeynab well again. Standing between her and her goal is the impenetrable wall that encloses the West Bank.

With themes of displacement, family, freedom and friendship, this is a powerful story of one family’s response to the confinements of curfew and how they rise above, with humour and love.

A suggested text for Stage 5, Monkey Baa is beyond thrilled to be bringing this story to the stage. Eva Di Cesare – a founding Monkey and masterful creative force – has adapted Abdel-Fattah’s book into a loving, gripping and enlightening production set in Palestine but...


Grug and the Rainbow (Education Season)

07 September - 08 September


Want to bring your younger students to something magical? Bring them to see the story of Grug and the Rainbow, starring the little Burrawang treetop that could!

Grug, the picture book character created nearly 40 years ago by Ted Prior, comes to the stage in this production from Windmill Theatre Co. Featuring the most adorable puppet to grace the stage in some time, an incredible set design and fabulous storytelling, this will be a joyous experience for K-2 students. Students can even meet Grug after the show!

This is a classic Australian picture book ready to enchant a new generation of young people. With only four schools shows, we advise you book early to avoid disappointment.


The Arrival

12 September - 14 September


How amazing is Shaun Tan’s work for exploring journey as a universal experience, as well as multicultural stories, the migrant experience, marginalisation and imaginative story composition? In a time of mass-migration and refugee crises across the world, experiencing The Arrival live on stage will be a timely and relevant excursion for students.

Spare Parts have crafted a stunning visual text with this production. Innovative, magical and mesmeric, this is an unforgettable theatre work with loads of cross-curriculum links.

Monkey Baa will provide teachers with detailed resources to accompany the production that link to Stage 4 outcomes in English and Drama, including creative thinking; responding to difference; contrast and contradiction in productions and texts; devising scripted and unscripted material; and more.