Colombian Cultural & Folkloric Organisation presents ‘Folkloric Gala Night’

Colombian Cultural & Folkloric Organisation is a Sydney based dance company that has dedicated 10 years to showcase the splendor and diversity of South American Folklore traditions and history through their vibrant choreographies and music to Australian multicultural audiences.

The Folkloric Gala Night will be a glamorous 10-year anniversary performance by Colombian Cultural & Folkloric Organisation that will be a celebration of dance and music from all corners of Colombia transporting audiences back in time to beautiful places that will touch their hearts.

The Folkloric Gala Night will also include performances from other regions of South America such as Bolivia, Peru and Venezuela, and an international performance surprise.

We welcome you to join us in this celebration of life, love, happiness, passion, and history communicated through dance and music that will feast your senses as you are immersed into a colourful and magical atmosphere.